About Intelfort

The 21st century business environment is flooded with data; data on customers, competitors, employees, etc. However, the most successful businesses are those who can effectively harness this data to produce actionable insights and attain maximum productivity for their businesses. This is where we come in.

Founded in 2009 by a team of Business Intelligence specialists with a passion for excellence and a drive to propel business productivity to the next level; we work with organizations and individuals to turn data into real time positive results. From carefully collecting the right data, effectively processing it, to eventually making it readily available as insights to decision makers, we are focused on managing data to unlock the untold potentials that businesses possess.

Our aim is to make data work for you.

Our Vision & Our Mission

Our Vision

To be the Premier provider of value adding Data Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions in Africa.

Our Mission

  • To help organizations derive game changing insights from data, internal or external to the organization.
  • To provide expert solutions and innovations for effective data management and administration.
  • To develop first class workforce with the technical capacity to provide the value that organizations seek.

Our Core Values


We understand that our workforce is our greatest asset, we devote a lot of our resources to training our people, therefore equipping them with cutting edge tools to compete with only the best in the industry.


We have a strong desire to provide user friendly and cost saving solutions to challenges that inhibit the growth of businesses in Nigeria.


We’ll give you a head start in your business operations by delivering tomorrow’s business tools to your organization today.


We steadfastly adhere to professional ethics and deal fairly at all times.

Hard Work

Every member of the IntelFort team diligently and relentlessly engages in purposeful efforts aimed at creating better deliverables.


Our hallmark in the industry is the distinctive thoroughness in our business processes.

Value Addition

At IntelFort, our watchword is 100% value delivery.

Our Team

Our people are crucial in the delivery of our products, services and solutions to our clients. Quality Manpower is one of the core principles on which IntelFort is built. We have professionals in different fields, working together to ensure 100% productivity and value to our customers.

We have seasoned professionals with industry certifications and the hands on experience to deliver top notch business solutions to our clients. IntelFort personnel have gained vast experience and have contributed immense value in various working capacities (and very particularly, in Data Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics).

We believe firmly in providing the right training, accredited certification and practical knowledge for our people, in order for them to execute their duties and responsibilities confidently. Our aim is to stay relevant to the ever changing market place and various client requirements.


Emmanuel Imogirie

Managing Partner

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