Data Management!

Data Warehousing

Our Data warehouse system extracts, cleans, standardizes and delivers source data into a dimensional store and also has tools which make it possible to query and analyze the data in support of reaching the right business decisions. Intelfort helps you as an organization to consolidate all your data about individual customers and providing a repository of all customer contacts for segmentation modeling, customer retention planning and cross sales analysis. It also removes departmental barriers, making it easier to evaluate and share information when needed between different functional departments in an organization.



With Intelfort Data integration and ETL services, your organizational data becomes more valuable, because we make it actionable. DI reduces the amount of time and effort required to pull data from different organizational silos into a cohesive whole in order to produce business insight.

data integration

Master Data Management

We provide tools and services to link all critical organizational data to one “master” file. This involves the standardization of this data, removal of duplicate entries in your existing data as well as working with your organization to incorporate rules which prevent subsequent storage of incorrect data. With Intelfort’s modular approach we guarantee that your organisation is always able to provide better customer experience, improved decision making and compliance with relevant standards.

Master Data Management

Data Quality

Bad data quality multiplies costs to ten times as much to complete a unit of work when the data are flawed in any way as it does when they are perfect Eliminating a single root cause can prevent thousands of future errors, save millions, and make things better for all involved. Intelfort data quality solutions improve the quality of exsting data within organisations as well as providing safegaurds to prevent future data quality lapses. Making your data fit for operations, decison making and planning purposes.

data integration

Data Migration

As an organization grows and evolves over time, the records kept by the company are affected, creating a need to store more data in increasingly sophisticated ways. Changes in technology also mean that certain software previously in use becomes obsolete necessitating a move to new software types. We provide guaranteed services that maintain data integrity, time the project to minimize business disruptions and at radically affordable costs.


Database Consolidation

Organizations typically have different databases for individual departments; Salesforce for sales, CRM for customer service, maybe some form of ERP. This proliferation of databases creates silos and reduces data quality across the organisation, as different departments rely on different figures. Over time this creates disconnects and make synergy across departments harder. Intelfort provides data migration and consolidation services which merge this data into one coherent whole, enabling your organization’s departments to all sing from the same page.

data management

Database Administration

It’s not enough to have your company’s data on a database if it can’t be assessed when it’s needed. Intelfort helps to secure, tune, adequately monitor and run backup and recovery services across your databases thereby making sure that your business data is accurate, available and secure at all times.

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