Executive Pulse

Pulse is a set of Executive Dashboards that present key business metrics to executive management. Without any intermediaries, “PULSE” is accessible anytime and anywhere and on any device.

executive pulse

Customer Intelligence & Analytics (CIA)

Because customers have evolved and are more demanding and more knowledgeable about what they want, Customer Intelligence and Analytics Framework helps you understand customer behaviors and patterns. It provides the engine to unlock the potentials for profitability and sustainability through customer relationships and interactions.

customer analytics


BankAware is a robust, end-to-end, business intelligence solution, designed to help banks organize and manage enterprise wide data effectively as well as provide insights into all business operations with an immediate effect on the bank’s bottom line.
BankAware gives all these with a few simple clicks. With BankAware, you can identify trends in revenue, assess growth, perform cost analysis, manage expenses and assets and even determine profitability by business unit, product or region.


Insurance Insights Hub

This has been developed to address the different data and data setups related to the challenges of insurance companies. Insurance Insights Hub is a business intelligence framework that ensures the effective and proactive management of data across the insurance industry. It guarantees accurate business decision making insights in all business operations.
It boasts of an enterprise data warehouse to help collect and store needed data, business intelligence and reporting tools to spur faster and more intuitive decision making, advanced analytical models for customer , risk and product analysis; all geared towards helping insurance companies make critical business decisions in a timely manner.

insurance insights hub


The sentinel suite provides tools to help organizations manage procurement spend, tax savings and advisory as well as detect ongoing and potential cases of fraud.

Procurement Analytics

Intelfort's procurement analytics shines a light into all areas of expenditure across the organisation, providing the capability to proactively reduce cost, improve purchasing quality, compliance and manage risk.

Fraud Analytics

We combine analytical technology and techniques to detect potential improper transactions, helping plug loopholes and manage threats such as those based on fraud and/or bribery, either before the transactions are completed or after they occur.

Tax Analytics

Covering 3 major areas of forecasting, tax planning and tax modeling, Intelfort Tax Data Analytics allows businesses to gain quantitative insights and visibility on the status of their tax obligations.

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