Amplify your business operations and engagements with our custom data innovations.

Discover better ways to increase your customers loyalty and improve engagement strategies. Detect anomalies and identify better ways to short-circuit them. Discover better opportunities for your operations and increase your profit by 70%.

Customer Intelligence and Analytics

Optimize your business interactions by knowing your customers, interact better with them using the Customer Intelligence Analytics solutions, as CIA do it differently.

Customers are kings and are powerful indicators for every business. The Customer Intelligence and Analytics solution is everything you need to track, study and understand market trends and customers’ interactions.

Customer Lifetime Value

Identify valuable customers and recommend strategies to retain existing customers.

Product Recommendation

Create personalized experience for your customers and target them appropriately.

Customer Retention Analysis

You can make up to 5% increase in customer retention and up to 95% increase in profit with CIA.

Customer Segmentation Analysis

Engage your customers as an individual and make better plans for them.

Customer Propensity To Buy

Accelerate the buying decision of your customers and influence your marketing strategy.

Customer Churn Analysis

Identify customer’s pains, market trends and recommend marketing strategies t0 increase your customer lifetime.

Loan Default Prediction

Analyze customer’s credit scoring, helping you predict the risk of a loan default and improve potential return on investments.

Enterprise Risk Analytics for Financial Services (ERA)

Intelfort provides data-driven, advanced and predictive analytics solutions for developing quality risk asset portfolio; driving more effective customer engagement and taking pro-active measures to reduce losses.

With developed integration pipelines to connect, extract and consolidate data from various relevant data sources, the following are the analytical models we build to create a comprehensive Enterprise Risk assessment framework:

Credit Scoring

develop reports and dashboards with drill down capabilities for credit scoring algorithms developed using world class architecture and cutting-edge technologies.

Loan Default Predictions

Assess the credit worthiness and default probabilities of potential and existing borrowers using "alternative data". This is mostly extracted from customer’s vast digital footprints such as purchase history, app use, search history, social media activity and others. Developing and implementing advanced analytics and predictive models for loan default probabilities is achievable and estimates the following: i. Loss given default ii. Probability of default iii. Exposure at default.

Fair Value Assessment

For the life time value of a retail portfolio, we carry out extensive assessment on the requirements internally and externally, to develop a robust Risk management advanced analytics framework. Intelfort ensures that the selected approach stays within the provisions of data privacy regulations such as the Nigeria Data Protection Regulations (NDPR) and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and we deploy the accuracy of AI in determining the appropriate interest rate to charge on a loan facility.

Insurance Insight Hub

We ensure the effective and proactive management of data across the insurance industry, developing operations with a custom-made approach to design, launch and successfully manage data analytics for insurance.

Brokers Analysis Module

You will get to regulate agents and brokers’ activities, increase the efficiency of your internal processes and track the numbers of claims per agent.

Policy Holders Analysis

If you know your customers, you can serve them better. Understand customer profitability and measure the amount of revenue generated and monetary worth.

Claims Analysis

Discover hidden trends in your data at one glance, identify losses, predict fraud claims and non-emergency insurance claims.

Budget and Revenue Assessment

Track your company’s profit performance and make strategic plans for financial viability.

Risk Assessment

Don’t get caught unawares, be confident with your analysis and assign specific price to claims.


Instant access to an organized financial operations and maximum profitability.

Sentinel is a package that helps business executives unearth solutions to deliver value by helping to manage risk and tax saving, control cost, detect cases of ongoing and impending fraud cases.

Tax Analytics

Develop a clear scope of your tax system to predict outcomes and solve current problems.

Fraud Analytics

Gain transparency in your business, plug loopholes and be ready for any business implementation.

Procurement Analytics

Identify savings opportunities, measure budget plans, uphold business objectives, and shield your organization from risky uncertainty.

HM 360º

HM360º is a complete healthcare solution providing insights and recommendations that will improve health management, diagnosis, expenses and patient’s engagement.

HM360º caters for four major stakeholders:

The Health Management Organization

HMOs can now optimize decision making, detection, prevention and management of fraud, waste and abuse of drugs.

The Hospital

HM360 ensures personalized healthcare, improve the speed and quality of operations like insurance, providing referrals and making appointments.

The Government

Identify health disparities and patterns and trends that will allow effective healthcare resources and target healthcare programs effectively.

The Pharmacy

You can now reduce the risk of drug shortage and regulate drug abuse by identifying the usage patterns of your patients.

Hotel Pulse

The holistic tool designed to harness customers and operational data, provide insights and analytics solutions that place you at a competitive advantage.

We provide tools with the advanced technology to help hotels accurately forecast situations, control inventories, implement data-driven pricing and foster your competitive edge.

Cost Analytics

With out cost analytics solution, you can monitor costs, regulate expenses and increase profit up to 200%.

Employee’s Performance Appraisal

This tool will provide you with specific KPIs that helps in hiring, training and retaining of employees.

Energy Consumption Analytics

Save up to 70% on utility cost with this package, be aware of internal operations in your hotel.

Reservation Analytics

Have an instant analysis of customers’ preferences and make immediate recommendations on how to increase occupancy rate, revenue, etc.

Revenue Analytics

We will help you track revenue growth, optimize room rate and hotel services and increase profits.

Customer Feedback Analytics

Provide guest-centric hospitality with insights from customers’ engagements and interactions.


Your top-notch one-stop financial service provider for intelligent management operations.

BankAware is a solution that will help you in cost optimization, regulatory and prudential requirements, and utilization of data for asset creation and liability management.

BankAware Reporting and Analytics

Have access to real-time reports that can help you identify improvements and make informed strategies.

The Enterprise Data Warehouse

With a single and secured storage, you will accelerate decision making and allow operational success.

Budget and Planning Analytics

Stop speculating, plan with accurate and actionable insights.

BankAware Customer Intelligence Analytics (CIA)

Stay ahead. Identify valuable and long-term relationship, predict future market trends and develop target marketing strategies.

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