Experience our expert-driven services that provide support throughout your business journey.

We deliver high-performance services to help you embrace innovation. We capture and deliver services that fit in to your business values.

Data Management

Business owners can now have a centralized and secured view of their data.

Database Administration

We monitor, secure and create reliable backups and recovery services across your databases.

Data Warehousing

Business owners can now have a centralized and secured view of their data.

Data Integration

Our data integration platform ensures prompt automation access to real-time data.

Extract - Transform - Load

Your business data can have better integration process and our ETL integration process will provide you with real-time insights and easy deployment.

Data Consolidation

Our database consolidation service ensures data from different databases and systems are well profiled and merged.

Data Migration

Thinking of migrating from on-premise to cloud? We can upgrade your databases and build an active data warehouse without chaos.

Master Data Management

Our master data management service is specially created to manage enterprise data, ensuring a single point of truth.

Data Quality

We make sure that your business data is accurate, available and secured always. We guarantee compliance. Big Data and Advanced Analytics.

Business Intelligence Suite

Our Business Intelligence service generates personalized, customer-centric and digital-first reports and insights that solve departmental barriers, aids decisions and allows easy interactions to focus on your people and your core business.

To ensure at-a-glance analysis for business decisions and planning, we design custom dashboard reporting, which applies the UAR rule – user-friendly, actionable and role-based for every reports or dashboard we design.

Big Data and Advanced Analytics

Our big data solutions and advanced analytics solutions will discover hidden patterns and trends, enhancing your digital transformation journey

Machine Learning and Data Mining

With our machine learning applications, you can make accurate predictions, analyse customers relationship and understand customers’ preference.

Cloud Platforms

Make your work process efficient, agile, fast and automated abilities to deploy the right cloud applications.

Artificial Intelligence and Bot Services

We would make your business experience better business conversation, discover key business metrics and determine outliers by stimulating human or artificial intelligence.

Augmented Intelligence

Empower your workforce to work better and smarter. With AI, you can have 360-degree view of each customer which improves your business decisions. Drive rapid business value better with augmented intelligence.

Assessments and Advisory

We are your technology partners for outstanding assessment applications and IT advisory solutions.

Modernize and Innovate Your Operations

Experience end-to-end modernization services at any stage of your business journey.

Scalable and Enabled Management

Boast of reliable data storage, backup and recovery, networking and management, eliminating errors and wastage.

Experience Fast Cloud Innovations

We can accelerate your organization’s journey to the cloud and make reliable migration and assessments.

Custom-made IT Consulting and Roadmaps Services

Experience roadmaps that aligns with your business objectives and increased competitive advantage.

Data and Analytics Training and Internship

Intelfort data analytics training and internship is designed for every individual looking to kickstart their career, make business impacts and gain unique approaches to business problems with data and advanced analytics solutions.

For corporate workplaces, stay a step ahead with your employees equipped for the future of works. We are passionate about positioning you with advanced and data analytics for digital economy, global opportunities and leadership excellence.

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